Things that still work, years later

Just came across the subArctic website. subArctic was apparently a program out of Georgia Tech for a “new” UI infrastructure for Java–back when AWT was the rage. The amazing thing is how many of the demos still work, ten years later, and also how many of the ideas are still pretty cool. Romain Guy needs to look at this stuff :).

One I liked: Rot13 inspector. You have a message encoded in the mysterious ROT-13 code–you drag a transparent window over it and the code is translated in the overlapping portion. 

A number of these need to be recompiled using new APIs–there are security exceptions and browser issues that prevent them from running.

I don’t know much about the project or what happened to it, but kudos to them for trying new ideas out.

Update: Sad to say, looks like the subArtic website has been taken down. You can still find old links via the Internet Archive–go to, then search for the URL and go from there. Not sure if all the source code and samples are easily available, though. (10/12/2008)

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